Видео: M16 Full Auto Suppressed

M4 Block II CQBR (M16) - Full Auto Suppressed

Update 2/2017 This video has gotten more traction and people ask a series of questions. - Transferable MG has a tight magwell, ...

Full Auto Suppressed M4

So here's the follow up to Suppressor Tease. The YHM Phantom .30 Caliber Quick Detach Suppressor. The cool thing about 30 ...

M16A1 Full Auto Fun

The iconic M16 marked America's departure from its .30 caliber tradition and helped usher in a new era of small arms for the ...

M16 Full Auto Suppressed

Checkout my website http://www.currin1776.com 9mm and 5.56 M16 Full Auto with suppressors. All kinds of American Freedom ...

Suppressed 9mm on Full Auto M16A1 Lower

Details on the firearm system: http://wp.me/p4qAjM-jEd http://www.fishgame.com http://www.topshotdustin.com.

Colt M16 Full Auto Machine Gun With Suppressor

Colt M16 full auto machine gun shooting with and without a suppressor / can. Notice the weapon can be fired without hearing ...

Full Auto AR-15 (SBR and Suppressed)

This is a machinegun built by Raeford Guns in Raeford, NC. I first showed this gun in the Liberty Cosmic video, and in this one we ...

M4 Full Auto Suppressed

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010674942879 Colt M4 full Auto Suppressed.

Full Auto Multiple Reload M4 Firing

Having fun on a range day in Afghanistan. Got the PA system playing Gods music and wasting some ammo. All these rounds were ...

M16 Full Auto Fun

Don't know about you, but I think an M16 deserves it's own 55-gallon water drum. :-) ------------------- ------------------------ Please visit ...

Classic M16 Full auto Suppressed

Saker 762 on M-16 Full Auto.

M16 Full Auto with Dead Air Silencers

#silencers #fullauto Got some range time with the owner of Dead Air Silencers, Mike. Check 'em out online (https ...

M16 Suppressed Woods Walk

Quietly eradicating the evil forces in our Compound woods! ------------------- ------------------------ Please visit the Hickok45.com ...

The Quietest 5.56 Silencer I’ve Ever Shot (RMS2 Hopaii)

Trying out the RMS2 Hopaii 5.56 Suppressor on a full auto 10” AR, as well as a 16” Aero Precision. This can sounds amazing!

Full auto M16 Suppressed

Shooting evil watermelons.

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