Видео: Experience with Ecovacs Winbot 950 on different windowpanes even overhead

Can The WINBOT 950 Clean a 2 Year Old Dirty Window?

Our office has windows that has not been cleaned for 2 years. Watch how the WINBOT 950 does it in just minutes!

Ecovacs Winbot 950 Window Cleaner : how does it work ?

https://www.tiiips.com/m/tiiips/home?action=viewObject&am... Thanks for watching !


WINBOT X is a free-moving, adaptable, intelligent appliance that attaches to your glass and travels the surface until every inch is ...

The Winbot X window cleaning robot from Ecovacs Robotics

Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech takes a look at the Winbot X window cleaning robot - while he gets on with other things.

We take a look at the Ecovacs Winbot X robot window cleaner

Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech checks out the new Winbot X robot window cleaner from Ecovacs and its voice-controlled ...

ECOVACS WINBOT 950: High-performance robot with 4-stage cleaning process

Let us introduce you to the WINBOT 950. The WINBOT 950 is a high-end window cleaning robot that ensures an effective window ...

Ecovacs Winbot 950 cleans a very dirty window

Winbot 950 cleans in 1'05" an opaque and very dirty Windows ...

Introducing the Winbot 950

The New Era of Window-Cleaning Winbot 950 is the new superlative in window-cleaning. With a SMART DRIVE cleaning system ...

Ecovacs Winbot w950 window cleaner review- HERVEs WORLD -episode 156

This video is about ecovacs winbot window cleaner review SOCIAL MEDIA- ...

Ecovac W950 window cleaning robot

Got a bunch of big not-too-dirty windows? This guy is your 'sucker' :)

ECOVACS Winbot 950 Window Cleaning Robot Review (OFW)

First time to use this window cleaning robot and so far it works well. If it lost power it has a battery and remains on the window for ...

Ecovacs Robotics - Winbot 950

First Testrun with Ecovacs Winbot 950.

Обзор, Тест, Распаковка Ecovacs Winbot X

Робот для мойки окон Ecovacs Winbot X. Полный Обзор. Купить в Украине Winbot X ...

Ecovacs Winbot 950 cleaning a window

The Winbot 850 (S$599) and Winbot 950 (S$699) are window cleaning robots that cling onto windows and uses a four-stage ...

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