Видео: Akai Rhythm Wolf Demo -100 Wolf!

Akai Rhythm Wolf Demo

This video demonstrates the synthesis features and a basic sequence from the Akai Rhythm Wolf. Special thanks to Synthbug.

Full Moon-Akai Rhythm Wolf Demo

All sounds and drums are from the Akai Rhythm Wolf only and effects like tape delay were added later. I have used the built-in ...

Akai Pro Rhythm Wolf (Demo)

SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/colectivotriangular?sub_conf... ...

Rhythm Wolf modifications

I'm modifying my Rhythm Wolf. This a direct recording, no fx. Work in progress. So far I've tweaked the Tune of the Kick , the Decay ...

Faxi Nadu - Akai Rhythm Wolf SUCKS - Rantview Part 1

Why the Akai Rhythm Wolf is just a horrible machine. Everything about it is just an epic fail. Part 1. check us out: ...

Akai Rhythm Wolf Trap Bass Mod

Demo of a Mod for extended decay on the Bass Drum of the Akai Rhythm Wolf for infinite decay length. Filmed at the Submarine ...

Meat of the Wolf (Akai Rhythm Wolf clean jam)

Here is a jam go the Akai Rhythm Wolf without using any of the Howl feature, which is the built in analog distortion. A new jam ...

Ambient Soundscape 8: FM Wolf (Yamaha Reface DX and Akai Rhythm Wolf)

I tried to channel my inner Tangerine Dream for this one... Not sure if it worked but I like how it turned out. I hope you like it too, ...

Akai RHYTHM WOLF Review (Tell it like it is)

The other week I got myself an Akai Rhythm Wolf. This was such a promising little drum machine but was one of the biggest ...

Korg MS-20 Mini+Akai Rhythm Wolf Demo

Korg MS-20 Mini and Akai Rhythm Wolf music demo.

AKAI Timbre Wolf Analog Synthesizer Demo

This video demonstrates the sound, play modes, and sequencer of the AKAI Timbre Wolf.

Rhythm Wolf Demo 1

http://fiercemuleproductions.com/ This is part one of four to help you get started with the AKAI Rhythm Wolf.

Akai Rhythm Wolf Analogue Step Sequencer Drum Machine - MUSIKmesse 2014

More info and current price: http://goo.gl/Rpshl2 Leading DJ Equipment Superstore: http://www.getinthemix.com If you need ...

Akai Rhythm Wolf Drum Machine and Synthesizer

More info and current price: http://goo.gl/7X1OA4 Leading DJ Equipment Superstore: http://www.getinthemix.com If you need ...


"Tom Cat over the Rhythm Wolf" -JohnG- "If you have the money BUY them both or at least sample the sounds" -JohnG-

Review - AKAI Rhythm Wolf analog Drum Machine - english

AKAI Rhythm Wolf review in Englisch. The Rhythm Wolf is an analog drum computer with a simple mono bass synthesizer.

Full sync (feat. Akai Rhythm Wolf)

Getting the hang of the new Rhythm wolf! Even doing basic stuff yields really awesome results. It's proving to be just what I was ...

Freq Sample Wolf (Featuring the Volca Sample, Rhythm Wolf & Freqbox)

Really fun jam with the Korg Volca Sample doing percussion & SFX, the Akai Rhythm Wolf for drums & bass, and the Moog ...

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